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United International Engineering developed Snapshot in direct response to a customer request to Integrate older analog video equipment with newer digital storage and communication equipment In a harsh environment. In response to this request, UIE developed a rugged video capture device that bridges the gap between analog video and digital storage/communication. Snapshot allows the user to be able to capture still images or streaming video from a variety of video sources, and store them on a laptop. Once stored o a laptop the user can view them, edit them, transfer them over a net work or use them as desired. The software included with Snapshot was designed to support touch screen operation by a user wearing gloves. The software has large "buttons" for this purpose. New software capabilities not only include the ability to capture single images and/or streaming video, but also the ability to annotate existing images (screen draw) and the ability to capture audio (voice) data files. Snapshot has only two connections required for use. One is the input from the video source and the other is the output to the laptop. All information is saved on the laptop for display, playback, and/or transmission via existing communication systems as desired by the user at anytime.


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