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New Technology

·  Sensor System Development - the development of smaller, lighter, multi-mode sensor systems that integrate digital signal processing, information management and display, data correlation, fusion and display. Current focus is on portable, standalone and/or device mounted sensor systems that enable day/night operations anytime, anywhere in the world. Recent successful field demonstration of UIE-developed concept included uncooled infrared (IR) weapon-mounted sensor integrated with GPS, laser range finder, digital compass, goggle-mounted heads up display (HUD), data integration device and global communication system in the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Center Integrated Sensor Enhancement and Imaging Technology (ISEIT) program.

·  Aerospace System Concepts - (1) the development of lower cost versatile launch system concepts for insertion of payloads into low earth orbit including the development of air-launched system concepts for use anywhere in the world at any time. (2) The development of hypersonic system concepts incorporating the necessary sensors, guidance and control, propulsion system and munitions, if required, for offensive and defensive applications.

·  Test System Development - the application of new technologies to expand subsystem and system level test capabilities, increasing test efficiencies, reducing test times while reducing overall test costs. Recent activities focused on the development, expansion and incorporation of new system-level test capabilities for systems that must operate in severe electromagnetic environments (to include pulsed environments).

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