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UIE offers the Complete Choice:


  • Competitive Costs, Financial Stability with simple, direct, lines of authority, responsibility and communication at all levels
  • Proactive Proven Leadership -- significant, relevant, programmatic and technical expertise and nationally recognized experience.
  • A proven record for Team Building and Employee Excellence through a focus on the employee and employee growth
  • Demonstrated Past Performance in Engineering, Research & Development (R&D), Systems Engineering & System Integration, Program Management & Technology Support, Systems Test & Evaluation (T&E) for the entire spectrum of RDT&E
  • A proven track record for Excellent Performance, on-time and on cost delivery of all goods and services (never overrun contract in entire corporate history)



United International Engineering, Inc. | 2201 Buena Vista SE, Suite 207 Albuquerque, NM 87106
phone: 505.242.9200 / fax: 505.242.9096 / email: elewis@uieinc.com