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A Streamlined approach for communication at all levels

Flexibility and Responsiveness
through Simple Administrative, Decision Making, and Subcontract Management Structures.

UIE is Responsible, Technically Competent, and Competitive.

Cost Effectiveness
Low G&A and Overhead Rates Due to a Simple Structure and Low Administrative Cost Burden. Simplified Management Structure.

Fast and Sound Decision-Making Process
Bypass Many Steps of the Hierarchy Decision-Making Structure of a Large Company. Government-President/Program Manager.

Attracting the Most Qualified Personnel to UIE -- Relatively Easy Due to UIE's Structure, the Various Contacts UIE has in Government, Industry, and the Academic Fields, and by Performance Reputation.


United International Engineering, Inc. | 2201 Buena Vista SE, Suite 207 Albuquerque, NM 87106
phone: 505.242.9200 / fax: 505.242.9096 / email: elewis@uieinc.com